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“I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring real change to the 64th District, but also to believe in your ability to help make a difference.”

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The second amendment allows you to maintain your freedom and liberty from an oppressive government. The Liberal's attack on the Second Amendment is the first step toward government getting control over your Constitutional rights. The most important part of the Second Amendment is the statement, "shall not be infringed". As your State Representative I will never support any legislation that tries to strip away your rights, preserving your freedom and ability to protect your family.


I believe that the Education of our children is crucial in order to insure the continued growth and prosperity of Middle Tennessee. While Chairman of the Maury County Commission , I attended every Maury County School Board Meeting in order to create better relationships between the School Board and the Commission so that we could focus on providing the children of Maury County the best education possible.

I support bringing the National Motto, "In God We Trust" back into prominent locations is every K-12 school in Tennessee. It is a good first step toward bringing God back into our schools. I also support allowing prayer in our public schools.

As Chairman of the County Commission I worked to insure that money was allocated to protect our investment in our schools. In addition, I worked to create a perpetual fund of money to maintain and upgrade our schools.

Pro Life

I believe the protection of life and liberty is paramount and non-negotiable. I believe life begins at conception, and I will protect the most vulnerable at every opportunity.

First Amendment

I believe religious freedom must be honored and defended at home and in the public square.

10th Amendment

I also believe the state of Tennessee can best determine how to run our state and will consistently stand for state sovereignty (10th Amendment). We have abrogated far too much of our state’s rights to the federal government.

Government Regulations

I will utilize the Republican approach of decreasing and minimizing regulations. Our approach ensures that small businesses will grow and allows private industry to provide excellent job opportunities with good wages and benefits so that all Tennessee workers can prosper. The only way government can create jobs is to create an environment where businesses can thrive.

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